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Every 15 seconds, someone in the U.S. is involved in a car accident.1 If that someone is you, knowing your rights – and what to do in the aftermath of a wreck – can make all the difference in your recovery.

The Denver car accident lawyers at the Warshauer-McLaughlin Law Group, P.C. have been helping accident victims pursue recovery for more than three decades. Knowledgeable and compassionate, our attorneys can build you the strongest possible claim and advocate your rights at every step of the way.

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When Should I Report a Car Accident in Colorado?

Colorado law requires that motorists report auto crashes that cause property damage, injuries and/or death to the local law enforcement agency (police or sheriffs) as soon as possible.2 Essentially, this means that nearly every car accident in Colorado should be reported.

Reporting car crashes is crucial for at least two reasons:

  1. Compliance – If you fail to call police when a reportable accident occurs, you can be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor. The associated penalties can include up to $300 in fines and as much as 90 days in jail.
  2. Evidence – Reporting a car crash in the immediate aftermath can result in a police investigation and report for the wreck. Both the investigation and police report for the crash can uncover various evidence that may be can critical to proving fault.

Please be aware that, in addition to reporting a car accident to law enforcement authorities, you will also have to report the crash to your auto insurance provider.

At any point when you are reporting a car accident (either to police or an insurer), here are some important tips to follow:

  • Stick to the facts that you know. Don’t guess or make assumptions.
  • Never apologize or accept blame for the crash.
  • Do not make any definitive statements about your injuries.
  • Do not make any promises to the other drivers.
  • Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” or “I can’t answer that” if you are unable to provide a fact-based answer.


Who Is At Fault for My Car Accident?

The circumstances and evidence related to your auto accident will be integral to determining fault – and liability – for that crash. While a Denver car accident attorney at the Warshauer-McLaughlin Law Group, P.C. can give you more precise answers regarding fault for your wreck, in general, the following elements can be helpful when making fault determinations:

  • Police reports
  • Accident scene photos
  • Witness statements.

These and other factors can help reveal when parties like (but not limited to) the following may be liable for your car accident:

  • Other motorists
  • Motor carriers (when a car accident involves a commercial truck)
  • Automakers or vehicle equipment manufacturers (when faulty design or equipment malfunctions contribute to crashes)
  • Other parties (which can include negligent road repair workers, municipalities that are responsible for maintaining safe roads, etc.).

Please be aware that, in Colorado, you can still be entitled to compensation for a car accident even if you were partly at fault. Colorado’s comparative negligence law entitles accident victims to compensation as long as they were less than 50 percent at-fault for the crash.

So, if you are found to be 49 percent or less at fault, you can still be eligible for financial recovery (with the recovery being reduced in proportion to the fault finding).


How Can a Lawyer Help Me after a Car Accident?

In the wake of a serious car accident, focusing on getting treatment for your injuries is a priority. As you focus on restoring your health and wellbeing, a Denver attorney at the Warshauer-McLaughlin Law Group, P.C. can take care of everything necessary to help you with your financial recovery.

How our lawyers help you and handle your claim will depend on the specifics of your crash. That’s because we customize our services to fit our clients’ specific situation and needs. Typically, however, we help accident victims with car accident claims by:

  • Figuring out fault and explaining the legal options
  • Conducting our own investigations and collecting evidence to back up our clients’ claims
  • Protecting our clients’ rights while guiding them through each stage of the claims and recovery process
  • Providing vigorous representation.

We represent both crash survivors and families who have lost a loved one to deadly wrecks. Whatever the circumstances of your case, our lawyers will treat you with respect and compassion as we work diligently to help you achieve a successful outcome.

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