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Everyone knows a dog bite can get a dog and its owner thrown in the dog house with the law. But, for the average dog owner, the severity and number of times their dog has bitten might be a detail easily forgotten. It shouldn’t be. Your dog’s conduct, the number of times it has reportedly bitten people, and the severity of wounds can all be contributing factors to earning your dog a death row sentence.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, every year 6 to 8 million unwanted dogs and cats sit on death row in U.S. shelters. Half of those end up euthanized, due to the fact that not enough of them are rescued.1

What is the Statute of Limitations on Dog Bite Cases?

What Earns a Dog a Death Row Sentence in Colorado? | Denver Dog Bite Lawyers

What Earns a Dog a Death Row Sentence in Colorado? | Denver Dog Bite Lawyers

Each state has a little different take on their dog bites laws. Here’s the low-down on statute of limitations concerning dog bites in Colorado:

Dog Owner Liability and Negligence Laws

In the United States, state legislators use either a strict liability or a negligence rule for deciding dog bite laws. Colorado law combines the two justifications. The strict liability portion of the law contends that a dog owner doesn’t necessarily have to know about or have knowledge that their dog is aggressive. So, the owner is literally held liable by virtue of mere ownership of the dog.

Additionally, in order for the strict liability law to apply, the person bit and injured must be public property or lawfully on private property when the injury happened. Serious bodily injury will also have to be proven. Let’s take a look at what Colorado defines serious bodily injury as:

In Colorado, when the dog bite case isn’t that serious or seemingly deadly in nature, the negligence rule applies. In these cases, the plaintiff must show or prove that the owner failed to use reasonable care to restrain or control the dog. The negligence rule can also be used in cases involving dogs, where dog bites did not occur. For instance, if a large dog knocks over an older person causing injury.

One Dog Bit Rule

In Colorado, if the plaintiff can prove that the dog owner had prior knowledge that a dog has a vicious or aggressive in nature, he or she can file a motion for the vicious dog to be euthanized. If you have been injured by a dog, it is best to speak with Denver dog bite lawyers to begin building a strong case to seek monetary compensation for damages.

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Have you or a loved one been seriously injured, or possibly even disfigured, by a dog bite? If so, you should contact our experienced Denver Dog Bite Lawyers at Warshauer McLaughlin Law Group to advocate for your justice. Let us work on building a strong case, so you can heal. We’ll work tenaciously to get you as much compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other loss you might have incurred. Call 720-463-1516 today, to set up a free, no-obligation initial consultation.


1“Rescuing Pets From “Death Row”” published in Denver Post, Jan. 2006.

Colorado is usually ranked one of the top states for outdoor activities, but a recent ranking of dog-friendly American cities put Denver and Aurora at least in the top half of the best dog parks category in the United States, according to The Trust for Public Land. We think the good folks at The Trust for Public Land need to revisit their findings again in another year. That’s because dog parks are going up all over Colorado with some of the most incredible scenery and amenities, some right here in Denver and the greater Metro area.A Denverite’s Guide to Dog Park Safety | Denver Dog Bite Lawyer

How Many Dog Parks Does Denver Have?

Boise, ID blows the doors off every other major metropolitan city and ranks as the most dog-friendly city with a whopping 15 dog parks for its 225,400 residents. That’s a baffling 6.7 off-leash dog parks per 100,000 people. Here’s how Denver and the two other top-ranked Colorado dog-friendly cities fared:1

Population Dog Parks Per 100,000 Residents Number of Dog Parks
Colorado Springs 459,681 1.7 8
Denver 699,521 1.4 10
Aurora 368,200 0.8 3

Where Are Denver’s Dog Parks?

Denver has 10 splendid dog parks, but there’s several things to keep in mind before visiting them. Firstly, it’s best to first read over the Denver Parks & Recreation “Dog Park Rules and Regulations” before taking your furry friend there. Also, here’s the top things city officials say you should keep in mind before going there:

Here’s a list of Denver’s current dog parks:

Denver Leash Laws

Denver’s leash laws vary from county to county. So, if you don’t live in Denver County, which is what this article is focused on, you should consult or call your county office and enquire about the leash laws in your particular county.

According to Denver’s leash law (Sec. 8-16) “dogs are required to be on a leash and under control of their owner, at all times.” Leash laws are in place to protect the general public at large as well as the pets themselves. Here are a few more details about Denver’s leash laws:

The last thing anyone needs is a ticket for a run-away dog, have their dog get into a fight with another dog, or bit another person. So, keep them on the leash for everyone’s benefit. You’d be surprised how costly the cost of a dog bite can be. A good Denver dog bite lawyer can easily win their clients thousands of dollars for medical bills, missed work, pain and suffering, and any other type of loss or emotional distress that a dog bite can cause.

Denver Dog Doo Doo Laws

Nobody enjoys an encounter with a dog land mine left behind for others to step in, smell, or look at for that matter. When dog owners don’t curb their animals at dog parks, it can make for an accumulation of dog feces, which can force the closure of Denver’s dog parks.

It’s actually the law (Sec. 8-47) to pick up and properly dispose of dog feces, immediately in designated trash containers. Dog bag dispensers are visible and available at all of Denver’s dog parks. We couldn’t find doggy doo doo fines for Denver proper, but we’ve come across several articles that say surrounding communities have fined dog owners as much as $100 for not picking up dog excrement “good enough.” Also, some communities will even go the extra mile and have dog poop tested for DNA, which can be used to trace back to the exact animal that made it. Those test fees are usually passed on to the dog’s owner.

We have a saying in Colorado – “leave no trace behind,” whether you are in the forest or in the city.

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Dog owners have a great responsibility when they take their four-legged friends into the public domain or even when they have visitors to their homes. If their dog for some reason finds you a threat, they will sometimes bite out of fear or an inherent protective response to someone strange invading their space. When someone gets bitten at a dog owners home, the dog owner is at fault because of premises liability laws. If you are bitten and injured by a dog, contact the Denver Lawyer at Warshauer Law Group. Our experienced staff can help you navigate the complicated legal system and help you get the justice you deserve.

To speak with our Denver dog bite lawyer and learn how we can help you get the best possible outcome in your case, call us today at (720) 463-1516 or email us using the contact form on this page.


1“Cities in Colo. Ranked for Dog Parks” published in Patch, April 2018.

2“Denver’s Dog Laws Can Make for a Ruff Day in Jail” published in Westword, Dec. 2009.


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