Will CO Driverless Vehicle Bill Become Law?

It seems Colorado is at the forefront of a lot of trends these days. First state to legalize marijuana. First state to conduct a test for a self-driving truck moving along Interstate 25 full of Budweiser beer. Now, it appears Colorado is gearing up to become the first state to pass legislation regulating self-driving vehicles. [...]

FMCSA Moves to Simplify Safety Ratings for Trucks

Everywhere you turn, it seems the new administration in the White House is affecting industries by doing away with regulations and in some cases whole regulation agencies. And, although we’re not sure it’s the results of regulation cut-backs, but the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has stated its intent to withdrawal its own proposed safety [...]

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2 Denver Interchanges Still Rank as U.S. Worst Bottlenecks

Usually, when Colorado makes the top of a nationwide list, it’s for a beautiful or positive attribute. Unfortunately, our Mousetrap (a.k.a. I-70 and I-25 interchange) and I-76 interchange have once again made the annual list of the nation’s top 100 bottlenecks for trucks, according to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), an Arlington, VA-based transportation [...]

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