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Electric blankets can be as risky as they are comforting. In fact, electric blankets reportedly cause about 14,400 home fires in the U.S. every year. While that’s less than 1% of the total number of house fires that occur annually in the U.S., all it takes is just one electric blanket fire to destroy a home and inflict painful, irreversible injuries on those who live in it.


At the McLaughlin Law Firm, our Colorado injury lawyer and his trusted staff know how risky electric blankets can be—and how devastating the injuries from electric blanket fires are. That’s why we've dedicated more than three decades to helping victims seek justice and compensation after they’ve been hurt by defective electric blankets.


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How Electric Blanket Fires Start: The Causes

Generally, electric blanket fires start when either of the following happens:
Overheating: This involves the electrical and/or heating elements of electric blankets becoming hot enough to ignite the combustible (cloth) materials surrounding them.
Electrical arcing: When electrical elements in the blanket are frayed, worn, or severed, prolonged electrical discharges can be sent through combustible materials, possibly igniting a fire.
Generally, electric blanket fires start when either of the following happens:
When the blanket is being used as directed: In other words, user errors or failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions do NOT usually give rise to these fires.
Without warning: Electric blanket fires can erupt suddenly, with little to no warning. In fact, it’s not uncommon for these fires to ignite after years of problem-free use of an electric blanket.
While electric blanket fires can start small, they can easily and quickly escalate, especially when these fires start next to other combustible materials, like bedding, couches, linens, and more.
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Types of Electric Blanket Fire Injuries

The two most common injuries suffered in electric blanket fires are:
Burns: Painful and disfiguring, burns can cause irreversible physical damage, as well as profound psychological impacts (like depression).
Smoke inhalation: In extreme cases, smoke inhalation can cause permanent lung damage and recurring asthma whenever someone is around smoke in the future.
Both burns and smoke inhalation can be deadly if people are unable to escape their homes after an electrical blanket fire starts.
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What to Do After an Electric Blanket Fire

Get everyone out of the house ASAP.
Call 911.
Take pictures of the electric blanket and the damage.
Document the full extent of your losses.
Contact the McLaughlin Law Firm
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If you or someone you love has been hurt in an electric blanket fire, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted Colorado products liability lawyer at the McLaughlin Law Firm Our team is ready to help you.
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Verdict for a case involving a hip implant. The jury handed down the multi-million-dollar verdict after a month-long trial. In Los Angeles, CA.


Verdict against Sunbeam Products, Inc. for an electric blanket fire after a week-long trial in federal court in Missouri.


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