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Pressure Cooker Burns

Holding the Manufacturers of Defective, Dangerous Pressure Cookers Accountable


Justice for the Victims of Pressure Cooker Burns

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Holding Manufacturers Accountable for Pressure Cooker Burns

Burns are especially common due to the hazards of pressure cooking: hot foods and liquids and faulty safety mechanisms. Manufacturers must uphold excellent safety standards and are liable for accidents their products create. Filing an accident claim against your pressure cooker’s manufacturer is the first step in holding them accountable for your injuries.

When you suffer a burn from a faulty pressure cooker, it’s essential to take the following steps:
Seek medical treatment promptly to start the litigation process.
Preserve your damaged pressure cooker for later inspection.
Contact the McLaughlin Law Firm in Denver to discuss your situation.
Dealing with pressure cooker burns is already tricky, but going through litigation on top of an injury is even more taxing. Choosing the McLaughlin Law Firm ensures you have a passionate, hardworking team of lawyers on your side. When manufacturers’ product safety misrepresentation results in severe burns, we work tirelessly to support your claim and keep the compensation process stress-free.

Electric pressure cookers also threaten others in the immediate environment, such as children and pets. Many users report accidents occurring during regular operation and don’t notice problems with their pressure cooker beforehand. The McLaughlin Law Firm’s lawyers will hire witnesses to corroborate your claim’s validity.

Causes of Pressure Cooker Burns

Pressure cooker burns directly result from hot steam or liquid while using appliances such as the Instant Pot pressure cooker. The high pressure level inside these appliances can also cause burns if the unit explodes. You risk suffering a pressure cooker burn if:
You attempt to open the lid before it shuts off
The unit’s lid is not in the correct sealing position
The sealing ring is defective
Safety functions don’t activate after improperly closing the lid
The unit explodes unexpectedly
Burns on the head, face, neck, and chest are most common in pressure cooker accidents. In addition to burns, pressure cooker users are also at risk for significant scarring or disfigurement and injuries to the face and brain. While being attentive to your pressure cooker can help you avoid sustaining burns, it’s not always enough to keep you safe.

Whether your burns result from pressure issues or a failed safety feature, the team at McLaughlin Law Firm can document your case and help you negotiate compensation. Our detail-oriented, personal approach to legal services makes us a top choice for handling cases involving pressure cooker burns. Additionally, our more than 40 years of experience fighting high-stake accident cases gives us sufficient skills to protect you.

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Seeking Justice for Pressure Cooker Burns with the McLaughlin Law Firm

Reaching a suitable conclusion to your pressure cooker accident case requires ample evidence to prove liability. At the McLaughlin Law Firm, it’s our top priority to help you reach a suitable outcome for your accident claim. Our lawyers come to your aid with compassionate guidance and aggressive defense.

The aftermath of a pressure cooker accident can leave you with a lengthy hospital bill and significant physical and mental trauma. You may be unable to return to work or suffer extensively. Luckily, a pressure cooker accident lawyer from the McLaughlin Law Firm can effectively negotiate compensation with liable parties to help you receive justice and alleviate your pain financially.

Companies big or small are no match for the team at the McLaughlin Law Firm. When your cooking accident results in pressure cooker burns, we can represent you convincingly and offer a free consultation for first-time clients seeking assistance. Contact the McLaughlin Law Firm today at 720-420-9800.

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