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Pressure Cooker DANGERS

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Dangers of Defective Pressure Cookers

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Common Pressure Cooker Defects

Many components go into the design of a pressure cooker, including safety mechanisms to minimize the likelihood of an accident. Defects can occur due to loose parts, faulty construction, or damage from rough handling during the manufacturing process. Some of the most common pressure cooker dangers include:
  • Pressure release valves that don't work as expected. The release valve allows air to escape the appliance, reducing the pressure safely. If this mechanism is not functioning correctly, this can lead to a build-up of pressure that cannot be released.
  • Defective safety mechanisms. Typically, newer pressure cookers are equipped with multiple safety valves and pins to ensure that if one component fails at regulating the correct temperature, other fail-safes are in place to prevent any malfunctions. However, if these components are not operating correctly, this can cause the appliance to fail.
  • Faulty or broken seals. The pressure cooker must be air-tight to be able to build and maintain pressure. If there is a leak in the seals of the lid, or if the cover is not locked correctly, the appliance will not work as expected.

Common Pressure Cooker Injuries

Injuries as a result of a pressure cooker explosion can be incredibly severe. As steam releases from the appliance, it is likely to be scalding hot, and coming into contact with that steam can cause severe injury. In addition, should a pressure cooker explode, the moisture and contents inside can easily cause third-degree burns resulting in permanent scarring to the hands, arms, and face.

As with any electronic kitchen appliance, it's also possible to suffer electrocution from faulty wiring or defective insulation that causes moisture to get into the wiring components. While these injuries are typically less severe than a pressure cooking explosion, they can still cause damage.
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Next Steps to File a Lawsuit

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