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Pressure Cooker Injuries

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Justice for Those Harmed by Defective Pressure Cookers

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What is a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cookers use steam pressure to raise the boiling point of water, allowing foods to cook much faster than standard cooking methods. In addition, these appliances can cook many different kinds of foods.

They are designed to be airtight and only build pressure when moisture is present inside them. Therefore, when opening one of these appliances, it is critical to use the pressure release valve.

How do Pressure Cookers Injuries Occur

While there are safety mechanisms built into these household appliances, explosions can and do occur. Pressure cooker accidents typically happen when there is built-up, trapped pressure inside the cooking aid. In order to work safely, the lid needs to be secure.

Pressure release valves are essential to any pressure cooking device so that pressure can be checked and controlled before removing the lid of your pressure cooker. It should only take one or two minutes for all of the pressure to escape, during which you will hear a loud hissing sound as steam escapes. The steam being released can be scalding hot, so it's important to aim the device away from you and be cautious of excess moisture when opening the lid.

For many, it can be difficult to tell if your pressure cooker is working correctly or if it may be defective. Popular manufacturers of these devices have had recalls on their appliances when defects are found. If you own a pressure cooker that has been recalled, immediately stop using it and contact the manufacturer for more information.
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Next Steps After a Pressure Cooker Accident

If your pressure cooker explodes and this results in burns, it's critical to seek immediate medical attention. These accidents can lead to hospitalization and permanent injuries.

Your next step will be to document the incident by collecting photographs of the pressure cooker and any injuries. Be sure to keep the appliance so that it can be inspected for defects. Document the model number so that it can be determined if there are any recalls on your pressure cooker.

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