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Pressure Cooker Lawsuits

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The Basics of Pressure Cooker Injury Lawsuits

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Because of the number of automatic safety features, pressure cookers are known to malfunction. Defective pressure cookers can result in explosions, spewing scalding hot food around the kitchen and, most notably, on the person operating the cooker.

Pressure cookers are advertised as safe to open when the cooker has cooled down and the internal pressure has been reduced. To do so, there is a valve that is opened after cooking to release the internal pressure of the cooker. They are also equipped with a specific locking indicator pin or pressure indicator that mechanically indicates if the cooker can be opened.

Both the valve and the locking indicator pin or pressure indicator can malfunction, particularly if the product is defective. A small malfunction of either of these parts can result in a huge accident.

Pressure cookers also must be filled at least partially with liquid. If a pressure cooker is filled with too much or too little liquid, it can also result in a dangerous explosion.

Pressure Cooker Explosions

Pressure cooker explosions are known to cause disfiguring injuries. All of the following injuries have been recorded as a result of a pressure cooker explosion or malfunction:

  • Second or third-degree burns
  • Damage to the eyes
  • Disfiguring injury
  • Amputation due to tissue death
  • Electrical shock

If you or a family member have experienced an injury due to a similar explosion, it may be time to file a pressure cooker lawsuit. Speak with a product liability attorney today at the McLaughlin Law Firm to find out if you are entitled to compensation.

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Are You a Victim of a Pressure Cooker Injury?

Any pressure cooker explosion that has caused burns or other disfiguring injuries may mean the victim is entitled to financial compensation.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a pressure cooker exploding, it is time to file a class-action lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer. We work to get your case the coverage it deserves and strive to help our clients. If you believe you may have a pressure cooker lawsuit, contact the McLaughlin Law Firm at (720) 420-9800 as soon as possible.

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