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Pressure Cooker Statistics & FAQ’s

You may be wondering how pressure cooker injuries occur. Here are some answers to pressure cooker injury FAQs, and what to do if you are the victim of a pressure cooker accident.


Pressure Cooker Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are Pressure Cookers Dangerous?

The high pressure used by pressure cookers to prepare food can be dangerous if a product malfunctions. When the lid of a pressure cooker does not properly seal, the building pressure can cause the lid to pop off and/or the food contents in the cooker to erupt. These pressure cooker explosions are highly dangerous.

Sometimes, the vents of pressure cookers will become blocked, resulting in a hazardous explosion. This common kitchen appliance can get as hot as 250°F, meaning that the victim of a pressure cooker accident can suffer severe burns.

Pressure cooker explosions can also cause severe damage to your kitchen. Victims are encouraged to file a personal injury lawsuit to help pay for medical treatment or house repairs.

What are Common Injuries Caused by Pressure Cookers?

Pressure cooker explosions most commonly cause severe second or third-degree burns, particularly due to the spewing of hot food. Severe burns can be disfiguring and require medical attention, resulting in expensive medical bills.

Less common injuries can damage the eyes, cause gashes to the face, or even result in a traumatic brain injury in serious cases.

If your pressure cooker was sold as a defective product, the aforementioned common accidents and many others could have been caused by company negligence. You should seek legal assistance to find out if you are entitled to compensation, and how to proceed with medical and/or house repair bills.
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How Can I Prevent a Pressure Cooker Injury?

Here are some common preventative measures you can take to deter an injury:

- Do not fill your pressure cooker above the suggested amount.
- Do not leave your pressure cooker unattended.
- Do not open the pressure cooker until the vent has properly released all the steam.

What Should I Do if I am a Victim of a Pressure Cooker Injury?

If your pressure cooker accident caused serious injury, you should seek medical help immediately. Be sure to document your expenses and the injuries sustained for your records.

If you have discovered after reviewing the pressure cooker injury FAQs that your pressure cooker was likely a defective product, you should also seek legal help. You may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one has experienced a pressure cooker injury.

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