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EXACTECH Defective Joint FAQ

Which Exactech Inc. artificial joints are being recalled?

A wide range of the company’s defective joints are under recall, including defective hip joints, defective knee joints and defective ankle joints. Hundreds of thousands of joints manufactured and implanted between 2004 and 2022 are being recalled. Visit our Exactech joint recall pages for more information. 

Why are they being recalled?

Improper packages of a critical plastic component is resulting in premature wear and damage that can result in friction, loss of mobility, loss of bone, pain and other issues. Revision surgery may be required. 

How do I know if my joint is being recalled?

The company, and or your surgeon or physician, should notify you by letter.

Why are so many of the company’s artificial joints under recall?

Improper packaging of a key plastic component can result in oxygen and other environmental contaminants reaching the joint before implantation. This can result in oxidation that causes premature degradation and damage to the component. Unfortunately, the company used the same type of packages across all of its joint products for nearly 20 years before issuing the recall. 

What does the plastic component do?

The plastic component is designed to provide comfort and proper fitment, as well as to facilitate movement. Exactech reports degrading of the component can result in “reduction of mechanical properties” of the joint. For patients, this may mean pain and loss of movement.  

What are the consequences to the patient if their joint proves defective?

Complications can include mobility issues, pain, bone loss, instability and other problems. Revision surgery may be required. 

What is the company doing about it?

The company has hired a third-party administrator to process claims for “out-of-pocket” expenses if it determines you are eligible after a medical examination. Essentially, Exactech might pay for some of the expenses associated with attempting to repair its defective product, or it might use the examination to deny and defend your claim. 

What should I do about it?

We recommend anyone who receives notice to contact an experienced Colorado defective medical product attorney for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights, including the best course of action to correct your defective joint, and a determination of all of the compensation to which you may be entitled. 

Why should I choose the McLaughlin Law Firm?

Our defective medical product lawyers in Colorado have significant experience in representing clients dealing with defective artificial joints. The McLaughlin Law Firm has what it takes to manage the key details, evidence, and proceedings to set these cases up for success. 

Our representation includes: 

  • Conducting a thorough investigation
  • Preserving and presenting the evidence
  • Negotiating before trial
  • Litigating medical device injury cases in court

Our defective product attorneys in Denver have extensive experience litigating claims involving artificial joints and other defective products and have won numerous multi-million dollar awards on behalf of our clients. If you are suffering from surgical complications or issues related to a defective hip implant, please call the McLaughlin Law Firm at (720) 420-9800 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights.

All consultations are free. Contacting our firm to discuss your potential case does not result in any expense to you.

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