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Denver Inadequate Security Lawyers

Those who own and manage properties have various responsibilities to maintain the premises so they are safe for those who visit or use the properties. Among these responsibilities is the obligation to provide adequate security to prevent assaults or other harm to those at the property.

When property owners or managers fail to provide adequate security – and this failure causes harm, the victims can:

  • Have various legal options for holding the negligent parties liable
  • Be entitled to financial recoveries for their suffering, injuries and losses.


At Warshauer-McLaughlin Law Group, P.C., our Denver attorneys have more than three decades of experience advocating the rights of those harmed by negligence – including people injured as a result of inadequate security at various types of properties.

Diligent, tireless and skilled, our premises liability lawyers are effective at fighting for our clients’ rights to justice, favorable outcomes and full compensation. We won’t back down until our clients obtain the resolutions and recoveries they deserve.


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We are ready to discuss your situation, clarify your legal options and aggressively represent you moving forward. Until then, explore the following for more insights about premises liability cases involving claims of inadequate security.

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Forms of Inadequate Security

Failure to provide sufficient security can take many forms, including (but not limited to):

  • A lack of security features – This can include an absence of alarms, locks, security gates, security cameras and/or security guards.
  • Inappropriate or improper security – This may involve poor lighting, as well as an insufficient number of security cameras, locking doors, security gates and/or security guards.
  • Negligent security – This can include broken alarms, locks, windows, security gates and/or security cameras. It may also involve unqualified or negligent security guards, which may be associated with a property owner’s or manager’s failure to conduct background checks during the hiring process.

These forms of inadequate security can occur at various settings, including (but not limited to):

  • Business settings, like banks, office parks and office buildings
  • Educational settings, such as school campuses and dormitories
  • Entertainment venues, like concert halls and movie theaters
  • Hospitality and retail settings, such as malls, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels
  • Municipal or government properties, like courts and national parks
  • Residential settings, such as apartments and private residences
  • Other settings, like parking lots and amusement parks.


Inadequate Security: The Impacts & Liability

When properties lack the proper security features, various types of harm can befall the people at those properties. In fact, inadequate security can lead to damage like (but not limited to):

  • Animal attacks
  • Assaults
  • Property damage and/or theft
  • Emotional trauma.

In the aftermath of incident and injuries caused by inadequate security, various parties may be liable, including (but not limited to):

  • Property owners
  • Property managers, which can include landlords and property management companies
  • Other parties, which can include government entities (when incidents occur at government owned and operated premises) or manufacturers (when, for instance, defective security devices contribute to incidents and injuries).


How Can a Lawyer Help Me with an Inadequate Security Case?

An attorney can help you understand and protect your rights while helping you pursue the available legal remedies. In particular, an experienced and trusted lawyer at the Warshauer-McLaughlin Law Group, P.C. can help you with an inadequate security case by doing things like (but not limited to):

  • Building the strongest case possible – We will carry out further investigations, gather all evidence, interview witnesses, retain expert witnesses and do anything else necessary to craft the strongest possible claim.
  • Handling and negotiating with insurers – We know how to parse through insurers’ jargon and undermine the tactics they may try to use to undercut or deny valid claims for recovery.
  • Fighting relentlessly to achieve the best resolution possible – We will leverage our knowledge and resources to position our clients’ cases for the maximum recoveries available and the best outcomes possible. While money may never erase the harm caused by inadequate security, it can be pivotal to helping the injured get treatment and restore their lives.


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