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Pro Bono

The Denver personal injury attorneys and staff at Warshauer-McLaughlin Law Group are committed to community service, including the pro bono representation of indigent clients. Our Firm believes that it is our civic and professional duty to help provide quality legal representation to those who are in need of representation but are unable to afford it.

Examples of our past pro bono cases include:

  • Filed lawsuit against Norfolk Southern on behalf of a former railroad worker to obtain a declaration that a personal injury release the worker signed 20 years prior did not prevent him from attempting to return to work.
  • Filed wrongful death lawsuit against parents who abused their young daughter to death.
  • Filed lawsuit against GMAC on behalf of a family who was wrongfully evicted from her home in the foreclosure process. After suit was filed, GMAC agreed to allow the family back into the home to remove their property and agreed to a confidential settlement for the wrongful eviction.
  • Assisted indigent client in an eviction proceeding. We were successful in preventing the eviction and the woman was allowed to remain in her home.
  • Assisted indigent client in the removal of erroneous information from his credit report regarding an automobile loan. Although the client did not owe any money on the loan, the creditor that issued the loan erroneously reported to a credit bureau that he was in default on the loan.