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Put Down Your Handheld Mobile Devices, Truckers – It’s Now a Federal Regulation

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Truck drivers can no longer use handheld cellphones or other mobile devices to make phone calls, text, check their emails or even the access the Internet, as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has banned the use of handheld mobile devices for truckers who are behind the wheel.


A new FMCSA ban on the use of handheld mobile devices among truck drivers is intended to curb distracted driving among these commercial drivers.

Among the specific actions that the new FMCSA bans for truckers are that these commercial drivers are no longer to do the following while driving:

  • Use handheld mobile devices to access the Internet
  • Hold these devices with even one hand
  • Unbuckle their seatbelts or move from their seated positions to grab these devices
  • Make calls or be involved in any mobile communications that involve them pushing more than a single button.

With this new FMCSA ban in place, truck drivers can now only initiate mobile communications that are started (or are received) through voice-activated or one-touch systems.

Fines and Other Penalties for Violating the FMCSA Ban

Intended to curb driver distraction for truck drivers, the new FMCSA ban on the use of handheld devices for truckers carries some serious fines and other potential penalties for drivers and their employers when they don’t abide by this new federal trucking regulation.


  • Up to $2,750 in fines can levied against truck drivers who fail to comply with this new FMCSA ban.
  • Up to $11,000 in fines can be levied against trucking companies whose drivers violate this new FMCSA ban even just one time.

For multiple violations, truck drivers run the risk of having their commercial drivers’ licenses suspended or potentially even revoked altogether. Trucking companies with multiple violations could see their safety records seriously marred.

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